Cancer Support through Massage Therapy

Are Cancer Treatments Leaving You Tired and Depressed?

Have you been through surgery or exhausting cycles of chemotherapy and radiation? Do hospital visits and medical tests seem endless? Have your cancer treatments been physically and emotionally exhausting? Do you long for relief and relaxation?

Cancer and its treatments can be tiring on many levels regardless of type, stage and aggressiveness. Various tests, procedures and medications are available to treat cancer. Some of these, though necessary in your healing process, can leave your mind, body and spirit feeling drained and stressed both during and after treatments. You may feel mentally and physically fatigued and tired of all the poking and prodding that doctor and hospital visits entail.

There are many important decisions and choices to be made throughout your journey with cancer, making each person’s approach toward treatment unique. The specifics of your cancer, along with your personality, support system and personal resiliency, make your restorative process distinct.

You Are Not Alone In Your Healing Journey

Thankfully, there are numerous complementary healing modalities that can be incorporated into your journey with cancer that can ease the discomfort of the seemingly constant treatment. Gentle massage therapy, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, and breathing and relaxation techniques can all support the body in the healing process from aggressive treatments, providing valuable mental and physical relief. 

There is no diagnosis too severe or too mild to seek alternative methods of treatment. Wherever you are in your journey, complementary treatment is a proactive way to help you tune into your body and it’s natural ability to heal. 

I Support Cancer Patients With Restorative, Non-Invasive Tools

Cancer Support Through Massage - Essential Touch Bodywork - Boulder, CO

I approach each client in a highly individualized manner. Having personally survived two cancers and worked with many oncology patients, I understand that each person has different desires and needs that could be addressed. 

Some of the most important aspects of my approach are utilization of extremely gentle touch along with a calming presence. Calming is the primary focus of my work. Understandably, cancer arouses the nervous system, resulting in varying degrees of anxiety and fear. Addressing this is an important aspect of healing because a regulated nervous system supports overall health, regardless of the severity, stage or location of your cancer. The use of gentle massage is a way to safely support the body, mind and spirit of anyone dealing with this condition. It positively affects those in treatment. Many note lower anxiety levels, alleviation of pain, and more manageable nausea.

Another significant property of my healing practice is the use of biodynamic cranial sacral therapy. This is a gentle hands-on modality that focuses on the energetic “ordering principle” or blueprint for the health of the body. This technique summons the inherent health within your body, awakening your natural healing process. 

Being a cancer survivor myself, combined with my work as a professional has shown me the power of complementary treatment and its ability to restore energy and provide comfort. It is possible to experience relief from invasive treatments and feel more nourished and at ease throughout your physically, mentally and emotionally demanding journey with cancer. 

But, you still may have questions or concerns…

I can’t afford alternative oncology patient support. The most necessary hospital bills from my procedures and treatment are very expensive.

I intimately understand cancer and the physical, mental and financial expenses it creates. For this reason, I offer a sliding scale and am very open to negotiating with you on cost. I understand the value of necessary and complementary treatment for oncology patients, and I feel that it should be accessible to everyone. 

I am not physically strong enough to make it to your office for oncology patient treatment.  

Lack of strength is very common and a real concern with patients undergoing cancer treatment. When I am able, I offer home visits for patients residing in the Boulder area. My goal is to help you regain your strength, not take away from it by commuting to my office. 

I don’t feel I am strong enough to receive this additional cancer patient treatment. I also worry about what my oncologist would say. 

I do not begin cancer patient treatment without a doctor’s permission. Again, please understand that I use only the gentlest touch and am very responsive to my patients and what they are feeling. The craniosacral work is also non-invasive, and can be a supportive and comforting process for patients going through aggressive treatments. 

I also understand that there is a very wide spectrum in types and severities of cancers, and that how you choose to utilize both Western medicine and complementary treatment is a personal choice. I will respect and honor whatever you feel is the best approach for you. 

This journey, while physically, mentally and emotionally challenging, can be an opportunity to get more deeply in touch with yourself, your health and the healing process. When you are ready to explore how massage therapy and other complementary treatments can support your healing journey, I invite you to contact me for our initial session.

“Deb is a profoundly gifted healer. With the combination of her wisdom, intuition, and powerful hands she provides an invitation for gentle explorations of what is wanting attention. Her compassionate presence creates an accompaniment and co-participatory model into the unknown with exquisite ease.”
— DC