Massage for Stress Management

Massage Therapy Reduces Stress, Muscle Tension and Anxiety

Is the stress of life difficult to manage? Do you hold tension and pain in your body? Have you tried various forms of relaxation, only to find yourself still bound up, clenching your jaw?  Does pain and tension interfere with everyday activities?  Do you find yourself unable to stop obsessing over small details, constantly anxious?  Do you feel like you’re drifting through your days exhausted and “flat” after many sleepless nights? 

Many people with stressful work and home lives struggle to make self-care a priority.  However, we all need rest, exercise and relaxation to rejuvenate our bodies and spirits. 

If you are like many people in today’s world, your body holds a great deal of tension and stress as the result of a face-paced life.  The back, neck and shoulder areas are common places for tension and stress to manifest from hours spent in front of computer screens or from commuting to work. Emotional stress and trauma are also common contributors to this tension.  

Relaxation through massage therapy can reduce pain and tension, contributing to your health and overall vitality.  The utilization of massage therapy, breathing techniques, gentle movement and bodily awareness can help alleviate pain and calm the nervous system.  Stress management through regular massage therapy can be powerful addition to your life. 

My Approach to Massage Therapy

I offer an extensive collection of professional and personal skills to provide you with a customized, safe and effective experience to alleviate tension and stress.  I work with each client on a personal level to best understand how to address their specific concerns. 

My experience includes 20 years of body-centered modalities including massage therapy, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, body-mind vibrance life coaching, phenomenal touch therapy and various meditation and mindfulness practices.   The massage therapy I practice spans several techniques including deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release and muscle energy techniques. 

During my years of practice, I have addressed a wide range of symptoms associated with stress, such as lower back pain, neck and shoulder tension, and insomnia. 

Massage for Stress Management - Essential Touch Bodywork - Boulder, CO

Also, I have personally:

• resolved severe neck issues associated with stress and whiplash incidents.

• dramatically reduced insomnia associated with anxiety and menopausal changes.

• come to understand the power of massage therapy and other body-centered modalities as a healing tool through my recovery from various cancer treatments.

But you may still have questions or concerns…

How do I know that you are the best massage therapist for me? I have many options in Boulder. Why should I come to you?

There are many choices in and around Boulder.  The honest answer is that you won’t really know for sure until we have the opportunity to meet.   I am more than happy to have a conversation with you to discuss your particular concerns and how I might address them.   We can do this on the phone or meet face-to-face in my office.  This relationship needs to feel safe, comfortable and nurturing for you for it to work.  

Massage therapy is just a luxury and at best, a temporary fix. I want to get to the core cause of my pain and insomnia, and learn how to relax. 

Many people have the same concern that you do and for good reason.  Who wants to relish in the relaxation of a massage, only to experience the return of pain and anxiety hours later?  I offer a variety of approaches for dealing with pain, tension and stress management, that can be incorporated into your daily life.  The massage therapy itself, supported by breath work, mindfulness practices, stretching and various other tools, are what will give you sustained results.  I help you customize a plan. 

I don’t know you and don’t know why I should trust you with my body.  I feel very physically vulnerable and am embarrassed, even ashamed, of my body. 

Many individuals struggle with overall body image.  You are not alone in this.  In order to find comfort and even pleasure in your body, it is critical that you find a safe environment in which to explore it. 

I take time to understand your personal apprehensions so I can better create a safe environment for bodywork.  We work together to gather and use the resources that you have in your life to extend the safe environment. 

What if I am already working with a psychotherapist or physical therapist? Do you collaborate with other professionals?

Yes. I often receive referrals from other professionals and am happy to work with them.  Many times clients are sent to me who can benefit from the comfort and approach of this form of therapy.  Clients learn how to use their bodies as a resource.  This supports the work of psychotherapy as well as physical therapy.  Likewise, there are times when I refer my clients to other professionals as needed. 

It is important to feel comfortable with any massage therapist you choose.  For this reason, I offer a free consultation.  Please contact me and share your concerns and interest in managing your stress, pain and tension. Together we will begin the process of recovery.

“Deb’s firm, sensitive touch and exquisite stretches help me to fully relax. The tension in my neck, back and hips release, let go and melt under her hands.”
— KD

“As soon as I walk into Deb’s office, my whole body sighs, as it knows it will be well taken care of. Deb’s combination of high level experience, extensive knowledge base, strong physique, and pure, loving presence combines to support all of my aches and pains to melt away. I highly recommend Deb for brilliant massage, amazing cranial sacral work and overall connection to the divine.”
— JC

“If you are longing for deep delicious release of tension, go see Deb Kenyon.”
— SD