Wisdom Through Bodywork

Deepening Into Body Wisdom for More Fulfillment

Do you feel as if you’re floating through life, failing to truly experience your surroundings?  Are you unable to connect with others around you, possibly because you feel unable to really connect with yourself?  Have you lost touch with your own creativity and your own innate wisdom?

Emotions and experiences from the past are often held in the body and mind. Bodywork wisdom can help you release this holding in a gentle and safe way.

Exploring the personal journey of deepening in body wisdom is an investment in yourself at the most essential level. It opens up your body and mind to operate more harmoniously and cultivate a strong sense of self and presence.  

My Approach to Deepening Your Body Wisdom

Deepening into your body wisdom is a very personal endeavor. When working with me as a guide, I make sure to first establish a safe client/practitioner relationship. This allows me to support you and cultivate the resources that you need for this time of discovery. We are then able to explore long held emotions and holding patterns that can limit your sense of aliveness. 

I utilize massage therapy to support exploration of your body awareness.  Biodynamic craniosacral therapy is used to cultivate regulation of the nervous system and resourcing the inherent health of your body.  I also call upon many mindfulness and presence practices

Each client has a unique journey when it comes to deepening into their body wisdom. With open communication, we work together to discover what practices are most beneficial to your journey.

But you may have concerns

I have no feeling in my body. I am flat and numb and don’t know if the attempt to deepen into body wisdom will work for me. 

Wisdom Through Bodywork - Essential Touch Bodywork - Boulder, CO

This is a very common concern. Many people who live in our culture rely solely on the power of our thinking mind. I call this being “top heavy” in the mind/body awareness. By lowering your attention into your body, you can begin to awaken and thaw that numbness. 

Bringing your awareness from your mind through your entire body opens up your body wisdom to intuition, gut instinct, and a general feeling of aliveness. When the body and mind are opened and learn to collaborate, many have found there is more room for joy and creativity.   

I am afraid of being touched, yet I feel as though I should try to resolve this issue and know that it is a part of deepening into body wisdom. Why should I trust you? 

Your body is brilliant at protecting itself. It is programmed for survival with defense mechanisms. However, you are at a time in your life where you may feel the need to let your guard down in order to explore other life opportunities through body wisdom. 

When working with individuals who are particularly apprehensive of touch, I use a slow, comfortable and gentle approach. You will learn powerful tools and exercises that allow you to move at a pace that empowers you and builds confidence in your abilities to reconnect with your body and reconnect with your ability to receive touch peacefully.

For this to be successful, it is very important that you feel the utmost safety and comfort. The best way to ensure that I am the right practitioner for you is to talk on the phone or meet in person.  This will allow you to explore our client/practitioner relationship and determine if you feel we are a good fit. I completely support and honor your decision during this trial process, as trust is crucial for body wisdom practice. 

Please contact me when you are ready to begin the journey of deepening into your body wisdom. I look forward to hearing from you. 

“Deb’s “Presencing” skills in regard to touch and dialogue have served me in accessing my deepest self. She has helped me develop a set of “Internal Resources” that I use on a daily basis. These resources enable me to face emotional experiences that are key to my personal growth.”
— AD

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
— Antonie de Saint Exupery